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Corporate Profile

Mazarin is a Sri Lankan information technology (IT) services company providing IT consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Founded in 2004 Mazarin has assisted many companies around the world with software development, maintenance and support.

Using our enhanced Agile Methodology, innovative software development and industry expertise we provide high value cost effective services out of our state of the art Colombo office that enable our clients to enhance business efficiency, productivity and performance.

Location of Mazarin


Our mission is to build a different kind of an IT company - one that focuses on making the users interaction with the solutions as smooth and easy as possible. By "Shaping the information flows" we make the Internet experience more enjoyable.

The Mazarin team is dedicated in making the mission come true. The reason we focus on a great user experience is because we think a lot of business processes, web sites and software lacks this today. There are a lot of missed opportunities when the user interaction is not at the center of attention.

Our working methods are based on the assumption that the best solutions are created after several iterations and testing with prototypes.

Basic Beliefs

We have three basic beliefs at Mazarin that we continuously try to apply.

  • Dedication to the client success
  • Nurture an Agile mind
  • Personal responsibility and trust in all relationships

What's a Mazarin ?

Mazarin is a very popular cookie in Sweden. A mazarin together with a cup of coffee creates a moment of pleasure. A mazarin consists of a short crust pastry filled with almond paste, topped with white icing. It is probably named after Cardinal Mazarin.

Mazarin is also the name of a fantastic album by Per Gessle.

Mazarin's use of the name reflects the company's mission to create enjoyable interactions.

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