Value Transaction Platform for Financial Systems

Mazarin jointly with CashCom AB of Sweden is proud to introduce the Value Transaction Platform (VTP). VTP is a concept conceived by Mazarin with the development of the numerous financial systems with our strategic partner CashCom AB. CashCom has many different financial, credit card and banking applications that were build for different purposes. More recently with the introduction of innovative financial products such as the Gift Card and Rikslunchen that combined these core services, demanded the need for a more generic concept that would explain the service offering to the customer.

Further in addition to combining different back office systems, the front office systems also expanded into new avenues from simple web applications. The service offerings today include web applications, POS applications running on POS terminals, vending machines, iPhone applications and mobile applications. The Value Transaction Platform product includes many product components such as   VTP/Commons,  VTP/Premium Card,  VTP/Debit Card and  VTP/Retail Banking.


The goal of the Value Transaction Platform is to extend the transaction systems available today to create a service oriented framework and common infrastructure for interoperable and extensible transaction and financial systems.

The Value Transaction Platform product includes many sub-products and components. Some of the key sub-products are briefly explained below.

  • Value Transaction Platform Commons contains common tools, concepts and services used across the other VTP sub-products.
  • Value Transaction Platform Premium Card contains services, interfaces and features related to maintaining premium cards of Cashcom. Premium card is not a credit card but can be used in a credit card terminal with special integration into Value Transaction Platform.
  • Value Transaction Platform Debit Card contains services, interfaces and features related to debit cards issues though a financial institution.
  • Value Transaction Retail Banking contains services required for retail banking such as account maintenance, transaction handling, fund management and performance report generation.
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