Mazarin Initiates the Foundation Project for Java Enterprise Applications Development

Mazarin's Java engineering domain's technology leadership plans to build a new foundation implementation called Java Enterprise Base (Je-Base) to be used as the foundation for all future Java web applications development. The decision was arrived at after carefully cutinizing all the Java developments done by Mazarin so far.

Java Enterprise Base

Mazarin started its Java web apps development using an industry proven open source reference implementation called AppFuse. AppFuse is a combination of good open source software APIs such as Springframework, Hibernate, Spring-Security, Sitemesh, etc. It helped Mazarin to deliver high quality software fast. In 2008 Mazarin extended the AppFuse platform and built a more advanced and more Mazarin focused reference implementation called Bloom. Since then Bloom was used as the foundation for all Java projects. But due to the technology advancements and new client demands, the Bloom software became quite obsolete and restrictive. Further the Bloom platform did not have enterprise application support.

As a remedy for these key issues the Java technology leadership have decided a multi module project structure based on Maven to be used in the new Je-Base initiative. Multi module structure is to give the flexibility to project teams in deciding what components of the Je-Base implementation to be used in client projects. Maven will assist in managing the project dependencies in a better and consistent way without much project specific configurations that we today have in both AppFuse and Bloom.

Further the Je-Base project will be designed and developed to work both as a Java web application and as an Enterprise application primarily for JBoss. This will allow all future Java web or enterprise applications to base its foundation on the same platform and code base.

Some of the planned modules in Je-Base include;

  • Je-Base Validation module, containing all the common validations
  • Je-Base Admin module, containing all the common administration services that are found in all of the client projects so far
  • Je-Base Presentation module, containing the standard and very flexible presentation artefacts such as cascading style sheets, JSP pages for common services and Spring controllers to be reused
  • Je-Base Internationalization module, containing multi language support and inheritance
  • Je-Base Security module, containing dynamic menu driven applications, extensible features and services management and role based authorization.
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