Rikslunchen Integrates Flexpay ®

Strikers in Sweden

Rikslunchen solution passed another important milestone by integrating with Flexpay AB. Rikslunchen is rapidly expanding its market share since its launch last year. The Flexpay integration will make it possible for the Flexpay clients to access the convenience of Rikslunchen using their existing benefit management portal, through their own intranet.

Flexpay AB is a market leader in Sweden in the business of web based employee benefit management. They offer a complete solution for managing employee benefits such as healthcare, fitness, cars, pensions and insurance. Flexpay are experts in helping the largest and most successful Swedish companies to maximize the value of their compensation.

According to Charlotte Härnvi (Sales Manager, Flexpay AB) “As of today, we have more than 200,000 employees with access to the system in Sweden, and soon it will be even more!”

As a result of the Rikslunchen and Flexpay integration, the Rikslunchen electronic lunch card benefit is now available along with the other benefits Flexpay provide. Hence all Flexpay clients and their employees can request and manage the Rikslunchen benefit through the Flexpay benefit management web system. Due to Rikslunchen solution’s service oriented architecture (SOA) the Flexpay integration was comparatively straightforward. Mazarin will continue to expose more services through Flexpay so that the Flexpay users can enjoy similar level of services as other Rikslunchen users.

Rikslunchen is a solution built for Rikslunchen AB that specializes in electronic card based lunch benefit business. The solution replaces the traditional paper based employer lunch coupons with electronic debit cards linked with Resurs bank and Goyada transaction systems.

Cashcom AB is a strategic partner in this venture.

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