Mazarin successfully launched the RK solution into commercial use for a swedish client. RK is an electronic lunch card alternative to the paper lunch coupons.

Mazarin successfully launched the RK solution into commercial use on behalf of our client RK AB. RK is an electronic card alternative to the traditional paper based lunch coupon system in Sweden. The solution aims to provide multitude of benefits over the traditional system to Employers, Employees and Restaurants. RK links with Goyada which is Scandinavia's largest provider of payment systems for electronic cards.


According to RK; approximately 170,000 employees purchase meals from around 13,000 restaurants in Sweden and pay for their lunch with paper meal vouchers. RK's goal is to become a key market player for Swedish lunch benefit by 2011. This will result in radical improvements in usage of the system.

The design and development of this revolutionary product was done by Mazarin as an outsourced software development effort. We worked hand in hand with Goyada engineers to link the RK solution to Goyada transaction backbone and to banking networks. Further business processes were designed and changed throughout the development since the solution was a new concept in Swedish employee benefit domain.

The version released today consists of employer services to manage employees, their lunch cards, loading of funds (top-up) to the cards and invoice retrieval. The employee (card holder) services consist of balance inquiries, fund transfer between primary and secondary cards and to check transaction history. The restaurant services consist of registering and managing restaurants, Google® Maps service to show partner restaurants and to view lunch menus. The solution will be continuously expanded and new services will be introduced in due course with the help of user responses and feedback. Plans are already underway to release an iPhone application of RK in the near future to compliment the web application.

Development of the application is enriched and built solely on Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) which uses EJB 5.0 technology.

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