Mazarin through our partnering company - Solidpark, successfully completed a Strike Management application to manage a total life cycle of a conflict.

Strikers in Sweden

Mazarin through our partnering company - Solidpark, successfully completed an application to manage the total life cycle of a conflict. SAMS - Strike Management System, was built to cater a specific requirement of Lärarnas Riksförbund (LR) in Sweden. SAMS application act as a facilitator to manage from creating a strike to paying compensation for the members, who are selected to participate in a strike.

LR is affiliated to the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Sveriges Akademikers Central organisation, SACO), and has about 80,000 members. In Sweden, the municipalities are responsible for providing free education for children and adolescents. The central state contributes economically to the management of schools and evaluates educational standards. Within these limits, the 289 municipalities are free to plan education. LR is also the second largest trade union for teachers in Sweden. The emerging point for a strike is when the agreement between the employers and LR membership ends. Current staff is ill-equipped to handle such a situation, both in terms of employees and technology. Therefore SAMS is expected to provide the necessary infrastructure for the LR Administration to effectively engage with the LR Members who initiate strike actions.

Strike Management System

What is significant about the strike management application is that, members scattered around Sweden is centralized and is made available for LR administrator to allot those members in to respective strikes. SAM's application, administers this operation in the most user friendly manner by minimizing the waiting time and reducing the complexity of the operation.

We expect heavy user interaction with SAMS, simply because LR members accounts to approximately 80,000. Therefore when members are added to a strike, each member, with their user names and passwords will login to the system and will start declaring days. This will result in heavy usage of the system. SAMS is an Asp.Net Application and developed using .net C#. The application is developed on the Visual Studio 2008 and have utilised technologies such as LINQ, LDAP Authentication and Microsoft reporting.

Strike management application will ensure a smooth operation to oversee a conflict and to pay compensation for the members, by system calculated payments of strike and sick days. SAMS is the third project Mazarin worked with Solid Park. The .net development team started work on SAMS immediately after a successful delivery of DISA - a document management system, in December 2009 and now in the latter stages of delivering another solid and user-friendly software solution for one of the largest trade unions in Sweden.

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