Avtalsbanken signs up to Resource a Distributed Development Team

Avtalsbanken AB is a start-up company from Sweden that works with Mazarin to build a unique software solution to address one of the pressing business issues faced by B2B and B2C dealings.

The working context takes the nature of a "joint venture", where a team from Mazarin is resourcing the project. The experience and technological knowledge of the founders of Avtalsbanken is one of the key strengths and benefits that Mazarin derived from this joint effort.

One of the hectic tasks for any service provider is to manage the bundles of paper based agreements and to keep track of the process of entering into agreements. It is time consuming and a burden on the administration. Avtalsbanken, as its name suggests is a "bank" or a database of agreements. It enables users to store contract template data existing in Microsoft Word document format in a user-friendly web application and carry on the process of customizing the contract templates to suit different consumers. It also supports a real-time customer service functionality to help the consumer to fill the contract template with assistance.

This unique piece of software in one sense is a document management system yet customized to precisely address the needs of customers who enter in to agreements as part of their core business more frequently than others. The beauty of the solution is the flexibility of the architecture that can accommodate different customer requirements. We believe this software solution can bring great value in terms of saving time, cost and resources in time to come.

The foundation of the project is based on Scrum agile framework. The practices of Scrum lead the distributed team towards the success of the project. The team structure reflects the fundamentals of scrum framework where a set of self- organized and cross functional teams drives the project. Avtalsbanken project demands attention to detail as well as dedication and team: product owner interaction. Scrum methodology was the driving force that led the team in achieving these demands.

Avtalsbanken solution effectively utilizes many industry established open source tools and technologies for rapid development of the application. The solution is built on top of the Java EE 6 platform comprising of technologies such as EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0, JMS 1.1, JTA 1.1, CDI and JSF 2.0 which were leveraged to build a powerful, robust, reliable and user-friendly enterprise solution based on industry standards. At the heart of its document management functionality is Nuxeo DM an open source document management system built with the flexible and robust Nuxeo Enterprise Platform technology. JBoss Drools was another open source tool utilized to manage business rules within the application. Furthermore, the architecture is designed with Enterprise integration in mind with technologies such as Apache Camel and Apache ServiceMix being considered to build a powerful Integration Platform.

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