Avtalsbanken marking a successful delivery

Avtalsbanken marked a successful delivery just five months after the project initiation.

Avtalsbanken solution is a web based contract management application that eliminates the need to maintain paper based agreements. With the fast evolving technological improvements, more and more people are moving away from "paper based" concepts.

Strike Management System

The project initiated as a result of Robert Gartman – Co-Owner and founder of Avtalsbanken, visiting Mazarin with his unique business idea. His vision for the project and the dedication and corporation from the Mazarin development team was instrumental in giving life to Avtalsbanken.

Agile methodology concepts were effectively utilised throughout the project lifecycle. It gave the required flexibility and support for the success of the project. There were many critical success factors contributed to the good closure of the project. Understanding the customer and customer requirement was key, effective use of the new technologies and good relationship with the customer maintained throughout the project, are few more. In time to come, we believe this unique software solution can serve many customers and will contribute to fully eliminate the need to maintain and manage paper based contracts.

At the heart of Avtalsbanken is Nuxeo DM an open source document management system built with the flexible and robust Nuxeo Enterprise Platform technology. JBoss Drools was another open source tool utilized to manage business rules within the application. Furthermore, the architecture is designed with Enterprise integration in mind with technologies such as Apache Camel and Apache Service Mix being considered to build a powerful Integration Platform.

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