Mazarin team joins the Scrum Alliance

A six member team participated in the Certified Scrum Master training program held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 6th and 7th April. The team represented the management, business analysis, java and .net functions. Pete Deemer, CEO of goodagile> conducted the two day training. He received his CSM training and CST sponsorship from Ken Schwaber, who created Scrum along with Dr. Jeff Sutherland.

Pete Deemer

Mazarin adopted Agile practices into its delivery process as early as 2004 at its inception. Since then the company has matured and mastered its own version of an Agile development process, by continuously improving and adapting along with the rest of the Agile world. Agile celebrates 10 years since the philosophy was coined with the signing of the Agile Manifesto in Utah. At its seventh (7) year of operations, Mazarin celebrates this significant milestone in the software development industry by certifying a cross functional team of Mazarins in Scrum.

Mazarin has successfully implemented the Distributed Agile Development. This has facilitated towards the company being able to continually churn out software solutions that has thrilled its clients and end users. Pete's experience of assisting outsourcing development centres will certainly help Mazarin to raise the bar on satisfying outsourcing clients. Peter Deemer's publication, The Distributed Scrum Primer, includes useful insights on successful implementation of Scrum across geographically distributed teams.

Scrum has time and again proven to deliver business value. In a recent review of the Scrum implementation at, they claim spectacular results. Mazarin which adopted Agile from its inception intends to further standardise its processes by adopting Scrum.

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