Nomination and Ballot application for one of the largest trade unions for teachers in Sweden

Mazarin completed two new applications for a trade union in Sweden. It consists of a nomination application to nominate candidates for a union election and a Ballot application to count the votes and rank the selected candidates. The applications act as a problem solver and a time saver for the administrative force in the trade union.

Transforming a paper based manual system in to an automated web application can be both challenging and time consuming. Capturing the exact requirements of the existing system and implementing it in a manner that pleases the end users need patience and in-depth clarifications. Mazarin's partnering company; Solid Park was instrumental in identifying the critical success factors and transferring the knowledge and requirements in an unblemished conduct.

The nominations application involves the participation of 80000 union members; therefore data accuracy, waiting time and ease of use were our main concerns in giving life to the requirements. The ballot application reflects the data that goes in to the nomination application, therefore counting of votes take place in the ballot application. Electing members for new positions is one of the most significant milestones the union faces once in every four years, therefore the reliability of the application need not be further emphasized. Ballot and Nomination was built as an Asp.Net Application and developed using .net C#. Cross browser compatibility was one of the significant features that was built in to the application, it supports browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari and Google chrome.

Over the years Mazarin has become strong in identifying user requirements and catering to customer needs in the very same way they were intended, moreover Mazarin has become stable and reliable as a complete solutions provider. The two fine applications we delivered lately adds to our efforts as a contributing factor that take us a step closer in becoming a successful offshore service provider.

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