Mazarin successfully enhanced the performence of Rikslunchen. The users and the customer, Rikslunchen AB is quite satisfied of the upgrade.

With the ever increasing popularity of Rikslunchen electronic lunch card in Sweden, the number of card users and companies using the Rikslunchen system has grown exponentially. With another 15,000+ new card holders planned to start using the lunch card by January 2011, the Mazarin development team was vested with the task to improve the performance and response time of the software solution to cater for more than 20,000 users.

Mazarin started this daunting task in mid-November by analyzing the key bottlenecks existing in the system. Extensive load and stress testing was carried out both in the production and simulation environments and performance outcomes were benchmarked against customer performance targets. Next an experience design team was deployed to look into solving the performance gaps and improving the response time. The conclusions and suggestions of this expert team were passed on to the development team who worked within six (06) weeks to enhance the Rikslunchen software to cater for the potential demand in January 2011.

The development team used a combination of tools in this effort. They include JMeter for stress and load testing, Visual VM profiler to surface any memory leaks and JMX Console to monitor the JBoss server's memory and resource usage. The JBoss server's content rendering capabilities improved by three folds after the performance enhancement, while the throughput of database intensive operations within the Rikslunchen system jumped more than two folds.

Mazarin successfully shipped the performance enhanced Rikslunchen software product into production environment on 31st December, 2010 and the customer highly satisfied with the performance improvement it has gained.

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