Mazarin to Provide Software Consultancy for a Med-tech Company27th May 2014

Mazarin's software consultancy portfolio consists of a brand new med-tech company, in the business of developing evidence based medical applications that aim to uplift the effectiveness of drug usage by patients via the use of digital patient support solutions.

Mazarin 10th Anniversary

The project, started in May 2014, is growing rapidly and has partnered with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the Nordic region. The team is also working together with the Karolinska Institute for medical research in developing more digital patient support solutions for a variety of medications provided by pharmaceuticals.

This is one of the first projects which Mazarin is implementing the concept of 'Single Page Applications' using a variety of new technologies such as Twitter bootstrap, Underscore, Flot charts and Grunt build tools.

The team that began with two members is now looking for expansion as new requirements continue to flow in. This project will embellish as the first project at Mazarin to implement the 'Pair Programming'.

Mazarin is excited about this new opportunity and looking forward to a successful journey with the med-tech company.

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