Customer Visit to Mazarin from Sodexo Pass Sweden AB27th November 2014

Mr. Simon Nyman and Mr. Joakim Nilsson, representing Sodexo Pass Sweden visited Mazarin in 17th - 25th November 2014. The primary goal of the visit was to officially transfer responsibilities previously handled by Mr. Nilsson as the Product Owner (PO) to Mr. Nyman who was next appointed for the ownership of the product. The visit also allowed the previous PO to introduce the new PO to the dedicated offshore team at Mazarin providing IT consultancy services to Sodexo Pass Sweden.

Mazarin 10th Anniversary

Mr. Simon Nyman recently joined the Sodexo Pass Sweden team as the Software Development Manager and is now entrusted with the PO responsibilities of the enterprise application that Mazarin has been developing and expanding since 2009. While the primary objectives of the visits were official product ownership transferring and discussing the future plans for 2015, meetings were arranged between the two guests and Mazarin CTO, Mr. Suren Nanayakkara to discuss the possibilities of expanding the development team and to establish a dedicated support team in near future. Further to this, the discussions were also conducted on the new cloud based projects that would be initiated by Sodexo Pass Sweden which would require a bigger team from Mazarin.

Even though there was a tight work schedule, Mazarin also hosted the guests on a 2 day trip to the hill capital and the surrounding attractions. Both POs were pleased with the outcome of their visit and successfully concluded the visit to Sri Lanka. This well timed visit, built a better understanding between Mazarin and Sodexo Pass Sweden about the future plans and goals.

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