Joint Product Development

Do you have a great product idea but lack the software competency to make the product a reality? We offer joint product development to our clients on a selective basis, where we work collaboratively with the clients to develop the product, while bearing significant development costs thereby reducing the cost to the clients.

We can help our clients to bridge the competency gap by jointly developing the product they envision while we provide the software development expertise and solutions that can be easily coupled with rest of the product's components. The advantageous of join product development include;

  • Sharing of product development cost
  • Take over responsibility of product's software components from the clients
  • Providing continuous support and expertise throughout the life cycle of the product
  • Proposed protective improvements to enhance the value of the product
  • User only required one license or few key licensing rather than licensing each component with respective suppliers
  • We can provide comprehensive user manuals and technical documentation
  • Testing of the software components even before the other parts are ready
  • Provide technical support and user training

Spikeflow is a software for developing e-services in a speedy and maintainable fashion. Build online applications faster, make changes quicker and integrate with your existing enterprise applications. It is the flagship product of nSpike AB in Sweden. nSpike had the ideas and architectural details finalized for Spikeflow but lacked the needed software development capacity and the project management capacity to take on the challenge themselves and hence they approached us. Through strategic partnership to develop Spikeflow both nSpike's senior engineers and our developers manage to deliver Spikeflow within a short span of time which enables nSpike to start marketing its product sooner than anticipated. Further with the blessings of nSpike we manage to launch a free service based on Spikeflow product as and share the ownership of this service.

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