Outsourced Software Development

We provide full lifecycle coverage of software development and deployment on behalf of our valued clients. Our outsourced software services involve building, testing and deploying IT applications and integrating our client's applications by innovative solutions.

The agile manifesto considers the following four important values.

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Working software product over comprehensive documentation
  • Individuals and interactions over processes and automated tools
  • Responding to changes over following a predetermined plan

Our outsourced software service consists of short delivery cycles with the use of Agile Methodology. Workable software components are released at end of each delivery cycle while the client has full visibility into the progress of the project through regular staging releases, periodic time records and work logs. Our innovative prototype development and prototype testing processes capture client requirements accurately and quickly allowing us to deliver working software in quick turnaround time sometimes within couple of weeks.

How We Work

The representations by the customer (product and business owners) and the consumers (the end users) with the Business Analysts results a prioritized product backlog and a roadmap. Then one by one the broken down features will be developed and tested at the end of each sprint.

At the end of each sprint release, identified errors are reported and fixed during the next sprint. We use professional issues management software to maintain efficiency.

Outsourced Project Team

Core Team

Generally a project team consists of a Tech Lead, Business Analyst, Developers, UI Engineer and a Team Coach. Needs of the customer is identified by the Business Analysts who maintains a consistent communication with the client. The Team Coach removes obstacles, provides guidance and maintains the dialog with the customer on the scope and delivery schedule.

Project Manager (PM) acts as the Team Coach. The PM is accountable for the higher level business scope of the project, that it meets overall business goal of the customer. PM oversees the whole project team and removes any obstacles the team is facing while assists in giving the business perspective to the team and increasing the choices available when faced with crucial decisions.

Business Analyst (BA) is responsible for the requirements and to have the understanding of the priority. To do this the BA maintains consistent communication with the Product Owner of the client. This is usually an ongoing daily dialog by in which facilitates the offshore team to overcome obstacles of physical and cultural distance with the customer. Obstacles of physical and cultural distance an offshore team face can be trounced by the BA. The BA raises the product features and functionality to the project backlog.

Tech Lead (TL) of the project team is responsible for the actual coding of the application. Architecture and the assistance to the developers in interpreting the business requirements with clarity are key team task. The TL represents the development team during technical clarifications. The TL raises the technical requirements of the project to the project backlog.

Developers and UI Engineers are the main thrust of development.

Customer Team

Agile recommends representation of the customer well within the project's operational level. Mazarin identifies the roles of a Project Manager and the Product Owner representing the customer to be important.

Project Manager (PM) holds the responsibility of the project delivery towards the end consumer, accountable for the project towards the business sponsor of the customer.

Product Owner (PO) represents the consumer's needs.

Support Team

The support teams consist of support services and domain experts. For example the projects on the Card Systems domain, one area that Mazarin specializes, is supported by experts from VTP - Value Transaction Platform. These experts are groomed on the specific domains assist the project teams as required.

Network and Human Resource support is also provided for the teams. The HR organizes social gatherings and events on regular basis that up keeps the team spirit and the energy of the teams.

Testing Cycle

At Mazarin we believe in profound testing procedures on the software products built. At end of each sprint security testing, load testing, stress testing, quality assurance testing and UI testing is performed as its required.

Developer testing processes includes White box, Performance, Security and Destructive testing. Business Analyst continue Black box, Integration, Regression and I18n Testing finally UI Engineers carrying out Usability, Cross Browser compatibility testing, and UI standards tests.

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