Mazarin's service offerings are focused to provide clients with business viable value for money solutions that enable them to survive in the continually-changing business and IT environments.

Our service offerings are categories into following:

Outsourced Software Development

We provide full lifecycle coverage of software development and deployment on behalf of our valued clients. Our outsourced software services involve building, testing and deploying IT applications and integrating our client's applications through innovative solutions. Our outsourced software service boasts of short delivery cycles though the use of Agile Methodology. Workable software is released at each deliver cycle while the client has full visibility into the progress of the project through periodic work effort reports and work logs.

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IT Consultancy

We as a software service provider can cater to our clients' specific needs by providing the best consultancy solution that fit the need. From individual consultants to dedicated offshore development teams to onsite client support personnel, we can custom build a solution that will best solve the clients' resourcing problem at hand.

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Software Caretaking

We believe that software caretaking is not mealy software maintenance. Caretaking is the constant support the developers and other stakeholders engage in after the delivery of a solution. Your requirements may be to solve issues arising after the software deployment or upgrade the software to a different technology platform or to have a team overlooking the production system and their availability. Whatever your requirement may be at Mazarin we can effectively 'caretake' the solution for you.

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Web Development & Graphics Designing

We have a specialized web engineering and graphic design group who are experts in Web 2.0 trends and standards to provide the best solution for our clients. Through extensive user interface prototyping and user testing we are able to design the user interfaces to best suite the end user requirement. Strict adherence to W3C standards, accessibility guidelines and Usability guidelines make sure our clients' solutions stands out of the rest. Our multi browser compatibility tests done through specialized tools further make sure the clients gain the greatest reach across the Internet through their web solutions.

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Search Engine Optimization

Over the years we have gathered so much knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) primarily done for the clients' web solutions we have delivered. Now we offer these services to you who are in need of optimizing your web content for which is the most widely used search engine in the Internet. We provide useful services for website owners, from writing and rephrasing copy to giving advice on site architecture and helping to find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted.

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Joint Product Development

Do you have a great product idea but lack the software competency to make the product a reality? We offer joint product development to our clients on a selective basis, where we work collaboratively with the clients to develop the product, while bearing significant development costs thereby reducing the cost to the clients. We can help our clients to bridge the competency gap by jointly developing the product they envision.

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Our services are offered in Java, Microsoft .NET, Apple iPhone applications, Web 2.0, RDMBS technology streams. By combining our experienced talent pool in these streams, we are able to provide solutions with diverse technology that bring in value enhancement. More information about our technology competency can be found in the technology section.

We leverage the Mazarin Delivery Process in every client engagement achieve successful results. Mazarin Deliver Process is formulated by streamlining the information and experience gained over the years and combining the industry best practices. The process is primarily driven by Agile Methodology and SCRUM project management discipline. The primary objectives of the process are to be lightweight, flexible/agile and customer focused. As a learning organization the process is open for continuous improvement and tailoring to suite specific client requirements. For further reading on the delivery process please refer to the Mazarin Delivery Process section.

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