Software Caretaking

We believe that software caretaking is not mealy software maintenance. Caretaking is the constant support the developers and other involved parties engage in after the delivery of a solution. At Mazarin we 'caretake' the solution in several perspectives.

  1. Provide constant support to the issues faced by users after the delivery of the solution.
  2. Update the software in terms of new technological improvements.
  3. Constantly manage and maintain the quality of the software.
  4. Attention to the new user requirements and issues faced while the software is being used.
  5. Proactively suggest new features that will benefit the client and the software.
  6. Educate the customer regarding new technologies that can be integrated to the solution if it is predicted to deliver better output.

Mazarin 'caretakes' a solution when requested by a customer. We obtain the resources and the competencies to cater to such needs. The software we caretake need not be one which we ourselves involved in building.

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