Web Development & Graphics Designing

We believe exceptional web development and graphics design as one of the key components of building a great web solution. No matter how technically well the web solution is developed, if the graphical presentation is not user friendly, intuitive and elegant, the whole project would become a failure. Further Web 2.0 is the latest trend in Internet based solutions that allows socializing over Internet. Usability guidelines and semantic web is another important area most web solution providers have overlooked yet has great influence in making a good web solution a great one. Hence we have a specialized web engineering and graphic design group who are experts in these trends and standards to provide the best solution for our clients.

Through extensive user interface prototyping and user testing we are able to design the user interfaces to best suite the end user requirements. Strict adherence to W3C standards, Accessibility guidelines and Usability guidelines make sure our clients' solutions stands out of the rest. Our multi browser compatibility tests done through specialized tools further make sure the clients gain the greatest reach across the Internet through their web solutions.

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