We are an information technology service provider, specialized in software development and software consultation. We offer our services in Java, Microsoft .NET and iPhone Application domains, starting at EURO 24 per hour. We use Mazarin Delivery Process to manage and deliver our services and follow Agile Methodology and SCRUM as project management practices. We continuously strive to be customer oriented and to deliver easy-to-use business solutions within a short time span.

Some of Our Solutions

Rikslunchen iPhone Application

Rikslunchen iPhone application

iPhone solution contains features to support the Rikslunchen card holders. Application is available on the apple’s app store. Current Version: 2.0, OS 4.0 Tested. Available in English & Swedish Languages.


Rikslunchen - Electronic Lunch Cards is a solution built for Rikslunchen AB that specializes in electronic card based lunch benefit business. It is an electronic debit card solution to replace the traditional paper based employer lunch coupons. The solution couples with Resurs bank and Goyada transaction systems.

Cashcom AB is a strategic partner in this venture.

Strike Management System

SAMS - Strike Management System

Strike Management System built to cater a specific requirement of LR (Lärarnas Riksförbund) in Sweden. SAMS application act as a facilitator to manage from creating a strike to paying compensation for the members, who are selected to participate in a strike.

Mazarin developed the application with the consultancy from Solidpark AB.

Online Multipage Form Builder

Flovv - Free Online Form Builder is an online service for building and hosting information flows i.e. multipage web forms designed to capture information in a user-friendly manner.

The free online service is a service of Mazarin, with the technological partnership with nSpike AB.

Document Management System

DISA - Document Management System

DISA is a document management system that handles documents with regard 80,000 members of LR. The application helps the administration of LR to manage these documents in an orderly manner.

DISA was developed in consultation with Solidpark AB for Lärarnas Riksförbund Sweden.

Unleash Talent Inc.

Censum 360 - A 360 Degree Feedback Survey Builder

Censum360 is an online leadership assessment system (web based feedback/assessment system) built for Unleash Talent Inc. The software solution facilitate self, group and 360-assessments. Wild Drift, a sister company of UTI also benefits from the software solution.

The solution was developed by Mazarin for Unleash Talent Inc., with the consultation of UTI.


Spikeflow - Web Based Work Flow Builder

Spikeflow is part of the IBM's product suite. Spikeflow is a tool for developing web-based form of flows in a speedy, elegant and maintainable fashion created to reduce the administrative burden within the public sector by improving the collection of information.

Spikeflow is a joint product development of Mazarin and nSpike AB.


Ekassan - Unemployment Benefits Claims Facilitator

Ekassan is a software solution provided for Unemployment unions in Sweden. Ekassan provides the unemployed persons of Sweden the possibility of requesting unemployment benefits from member services offered by the unemployment insurance unions via the Internet.

Ekassan was developed in consultation with Altcom AB.

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